Support Element!

The Element and Big Bang Budget is over $20K/year.  The team works hard to raise money through hosting clinics and tourneys, merchandise sales, cleaning up Husky Stadium, and seeking out sponsors and partners, but that doesn’t cover our full budget.  You can help in one of several ways:

Donate to our development fund (Tax-Deductible. See donation instructions)!

Donate skymiles to help players attend tournaments: Here!

Host Element at tournaments to help us save on hotel costs (email to Vickie Su:

Volunteer at the UW Hosted NW Challenge: Here!

Purchase merchandise from our team store: Here!

How to Donate:

Go to:

Search for “RECSPO”

Add “Recreational Sports Development Fund” to your basket

Click “Continue to Donation Amount”

Make sure to add “Women’s Ultimate” to the comments box on the contact/payment method form (so they can attribute the money to Element/Big Bang and not the general RECSPO fund).


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