Led by our wonderful coaches, Kyle Weisbrod, Moses Rifkin and Jillian Goodreau!


Miranda Moore, #2


Miranda is currently a second year graduate student in the Public Health Department at UW.  She graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in Biology and a minor in History in 2012. Without the accent, it is hard to tell, but Miranda was originally born in Cambridge, UK.  She grew up and went to high school in New York City, New York.  Before throwing discs on the field, she was on the courts shooting hoops since the third grade.  You would never be able to tell from her awesome left-handed throws on the field, but Miranda describes herself as a secret couch potato.  She is a big fan of the TV shows, Jeopardy, Grey’s Anatomy, and Scandal.  Her top three movies are The Lord of the Rings, Gladiator, and Love Actually.  She is a huge board game nerd, always ready to play Pictionary and Cranium.  Ask her about any dog, because Miranda has the unique talent of having an encyclopedic knowledge of dogs.

Sam Hing, #3


Get to know Sam by matching the answers on the right with the questions on the left.

Questions:                                    Answers:

1.Morning Person?                    A. Chem and Atm Science

2.Yes or no?                                 B. Christmas

3.Anti-talent                               C. Crocheting

4.Hobby                                       D. Josesph Gordan Levitt

5.Favorite Game                        E. Leaning back in airplane seats

6.Favorite Holiday                   F. No

7.Celeb Crush                            G. Racquet Sports

8.Favorite Movies                    H. Slumdog Millionaire and Intouchables

9.Pet Peeve                                 I. Soccer and Cross Country

10.Majors                                  J. Taboo

11.Previous Sports                   K. Yes



f, k, g, c, j, b, d, h, e, a, i

Alysia Letourneau, #4


A native of Everett, WA, Alysia is a captain of Element this season and has been playing on the team since her freshman year. She is now in her 5th year—“taking her victory lap,” as she likes to call it—studying bioengineering. She started playing Ultimate her sophomore year of high school because the mixed team needed more girls and has been tearing it up on the Ultimate field ever since. Besides her excellent skills in Ultimate, some of her other talents include touching her tongue to her nose, laughing at her own jokes, and looking bad ass in pig-tails. She also isn’t half bad at basketball, tennis, and soccer if this Ultimate thing doesn’t pan out. Just don’t ask her to imitate any accents because she will fail miserably. When she’s not in class or on the field, Alysia tutors other undergraduates in physics, catches up on TV shows like Orange is the New Black, and spends time searching for clothes on her bedroom floor (because closets are overrated anyway). Somehow, even though she’s the middle of three siblings, she has only played one game of monopoly in her entire life—a situation that may soon be remedied if the long-rumored team board game night comes to pass.

Barbara Hoover, #8


Oh Barb, where to begin. Barbara is a true Seattleite and is one of the many Nathan Hale High school Alums. This winter Barb left us to travel to Ecuador to do some casual boating, learn about turtles, learn to scuba dive and put us all to shame with her tan. While there, she fell in love with turtles and now likes them more than she likes people. Although, she came back as if she never left, and since then has been on something we like to call ‘the Barb workout plan’.  If you come to a game, you can either find Barb hanging out at deep deep, or casually catching a huck from one of our fantastic O line handlers after she has easily blown past her defender. She also knows how to EAT, as the rest of the elements, but she avoids gluten because if she has it, she will swell up like a balloon and float away! So, the easiest way to her heart is make her a gluten free brunch of eggs and potatoes!

Michelle Herman, #9


Michelle Herman is a senior on Element and has been playing frisbee for five years. She was born and raised in the Seattle area and is currently in the top-ranked nursing program here at UW, which includes some crazy scheduling! Michelle played tennis in middle school, and was active in her high school’s debate club. She says that starting frisbee five years ago was a big switch, but It is clear to all of us on Element that Michelle is driven by that competitive spirit! She is so dedicated to her activities and it really shows in her abilities both on and off the frisbee field. As a player on Element, she has some of the steadiest hands and is always calm, cool, and collected. And speaking of cool, Michelle was on the cover of True Girl magazine at the young age of 16! She really is a force to be reckoned with and is always our go to girl for medical advice. We on Element are truly lucky to play with her and we can’t wait to see where she ends up!

Shira Stern, #10


Where do I even start with this girl? Shira Stern is a crazy athlete, committed teammate, quick decision maker, and a force to be reckoned with on the field.  A senior at the University of Washington this year, Shira is a Seattleite born-and-bred.  She attended Nathan Hale high school in north Seattle along with several other Element players and helped their ultimate program flourish.  Shira is an Economics major minoring in Environmental Science.  When she is not out on the ultimate field Shira can be found biking, reading, or hanging out at Greenlake.  Shira was coerced into playing ultimate at Salmon Bay Middle School and has been hooked ever since (we thank whoever coerced her every day). This year, Shira is one of Element’s captains and she consistently brings her positive attitude and vast experience to practice. This past summer Shira was one of the women selected to represent the United States of America at U23 worlds.  Her handler skills and quickness downfield helped that team earn the gold!  Her U23 coach, Mike Whitaker (Whit) was a mentor for her throughout her time with Team USA.  Whit helped Shira to realize the importance of friendships and connections with teammates that extend off the field.  Shira is truly a well-rounded player.  She is more than reliable in the handler set, frequently making game changing plays, and is scary as a downfield player. Off the field, Shira is a dedicated teammate and friend.  She is committed to our sport and always searching for ways to improve.  Shira is an inspiration.