College Championships, 2014

After a great season Element was ready to take on the top teams in the nation in Mason, Ohio for Cincinatties! After going 4-0 in pool play, with some amazing comebacks, we won over British Columbia in quarters to head to semis on ESPN3 against Ohio State! It was a tough loss, but we came out 3rd in the nation!

15-3 Cornell

15-11 UC Santa Barbara

15-11 Whitman

14-10 UCLA

15-13 British Columbia

9-15 Ohio State


Northwest Regionals, 2014

Element headed up north to Lynden, Washington for Regionals. Coming off our Conference wins, we were ready to take on the toughest region in the country! We took second which got us a great seed for nationals!

13-6 Whitman

13-6 Montana

13-5 Western Washington

W-L Western Washington

L-W Oregon

W-L Whitman

Recap by Shira Stern:

In the PNW, we know too well that April showers bring…more showers in May and June. The 2014 NW Regional tournament was, in the classic Northwest style, rainy, windy, and wet, and consequently very muddy.

Though conditions were drier on Saturday of the tournament, Element was given the challenge and opportunity to practice our game in windy conditions. We showcased our capability to fight through the varying…elements: putting up big hucks against Whitman’s tight man-defense and shredding Montana’s zone in the first two round of the weekend. In the final round of the day, we played Western, and came out on top 15-5 to qualify for Nationals!

The next morning, we rallied through the weekend’s weather uncontrollables to again take down an aggressive Western in semis to advance to the Regional finals. Our game against Oregon was another opportunity to grow and learn as a team, work on our variety of defensive strategies, and adjust to theirs. Though Oregon came out on top, that did not stop a strong Element squad (though missing a few key players to injuries) from taking second in the 2/3 match against Whitman. A great weekend of growth for Element 2014! Now, on to Cincinatties!

Cascadia Conference Championships, 2014

We really started to hit our stride during the Cascadia Conference Championships down in Eugene, Oregon. We ended up first in our Conference!

13-0 Washington B

11-10 Victoria

13-2 British Columbia

13-6 Victoria

15-9 British Columbia

Recap by Katie Meyer:

After a road trip down to Eugene on Friday, Element prepared for its first day of the college series. The morning began with a spirited game with our fellow purple and gold, Big Bang. Seeing such tenacity from our B team, especially while playing with only 9, pumped us up as we went into our second game against UVic. Thought there were complications with the time, both teams kept a competitive focus that carried over into our final game of the day with UBC. The stifling, assertive defensive line brought home our final win of the day. The following day was almost déjà vu, first with UVic in semifinals then with UBC in the finals. The sun was shining bright as so was Element as we played our  game. In a summary from coach, Kyle Weisbrod, (from before the tournament began), “We won some games; we lost some games; oh wait, we didn’t lose to anybody.” Those words rang true as we won over UBC and became the 2014 Cascadia Conference champions.


Northwest Challenge, 2014

Element hosted a tournament in Seattle for 12 elite college women’s teams. Competition was played for either two or three days with no championship bracket. We can’t wait to host another one next year!

15-8 Colorado

9-15 Oregon

12-8 Western Washington

10-7 UCLA

2-15 Ohio State

8-12 Whitman

14-6 Tufts

Recap by Kelley Hall:

The Northwest Challenge brought 20 of the top women’s teams together to tough out the rain, cold, and occasional sunshine. Our weekend started against Colorado where it felt like everything clicked, like the huge forehand huck from Michelle to Noelle. Later that evening we faced regional rivals Oregon under the lights. The showcase was our best game so far against Oregon with players like Grace and Miranda stepping up with huge layouts. Saturday we faced Western Washington, and we played a strong first half (8-3) with Barbara Hoover dominating the air. Our next game was against UCLA, who had somehow forgotten their raincoats. Flustered by the cold and our stifling defense we won the game easily. We ended by playing Ohio State who showed us what we still needed to be working on for the rest of the season. Sunday morning we faced Whitman in a close game that they pulled out. We ended the weekend against Tufts, with our best showing of the weekend with plays like Lucy’s gigantic layout block. Thank you to all of our volunteers who made the tournament run so smoothly, and if you are looking for pictures check out Tino Tran’s website.

Stanford Invite, 2014

After a lot of travel issues, Element finally made it down to Stanford for another top tier tournament!

12-8 UC Davis

9-10 Stanford

4-13 Oregon

12-8 Wisconsin

10-7 UC Berkeley

8-10 British Columbia

12-6 UC Davis

Recap by Sam Hing:

The weekend in Stanford was full of unpredictable weather and challenges.  We were welcomed by the occasional sunshine and the familiar Seattle rain showers.   With our Cheez-its and Runa in hand, we arrived at the fields excited to see our competition.  Element started the weekend on Saturday 2-2 with some challenging games against Oregon and Stanford.  Although our team groove felt off after the first day of the tournament, we spent Saturday evening reflecting on the day and the season thus far.  We learned a lot about what our team needs to succeed moving forward.  Sunday was our opportunity to get our familiar Element flow back and welcome the challenges ahead of us.  We focused on having higher energy, supportive sideline talk, and reliable reset dumps.  We finished Sunday 2-1.  We were able to show what we learned that weekend in our final game against UC-Davis.  Although the weekend tested us in ways we hadn’t been tested before, it showed us the areas in which we need to improve.  Back home in Seattle, we are ready to put in the work necessary to get us where we want to be.

Presidents’ Day Invite, 2014

We traveled down to San Diego, California to play against some of the top College teams in the nation! We ended up 3rd overall!

11-7 Arizona State

13-9 Whitman

12-8 UC San Diego

13-6 UC Santa Cruz

15-6 Michigan

12-11 Victoria

13-9 Whitman

12-6 UCLA

4-15 Oregon

15-8 Victoria

Recap by Noelle Takahashi:

This past weekend was filled with lots of fun and sun. We started out the weekend with one of our main values, DFAB, making sure everyone on the team made it to the tournament! Element dominated the fields undefeated 4-0 on Saturday and 2-0 on Sunday. Monday was a little rough with a semifinal loss to Oregon, but we learned a lot and it only made us want to work harder. We got our heads back in the game when we faced UVic for the second time that weekend and showed them that we were giving them a chance the day before. The weekend was spent working on our zone offense and defense, improving our sideline talk, and bringing the intensity to the fields. We proved that we know how to win the next five minutes and make other teams play our game. One of the best discoveries of the weekend was Element’s love for snacks such as Cheez-its (on and off the chest) and Hot Cheetos and Takis. With the Olympics on our minds we created the Olympic Airport Games on our way back to Seattle. We left San Diego with the determination we need to prepare for the Stanford Invite.