Stanford Invite, 2014

After a lot of travel issues, Element finally made it down to Stanford for another top tier tournament!

12-8 UC Davis

9-10 Stanford

4-13 Oregon

12-8 Wisconsin

10-7 UC Berkeley

8-10 British Columbia

12-6 UC Davis

Recap by Sam Hing:

The weekend in Stanford was full of unpredictable weather and challenges.  We were welcomed by the occasional sunshine and the familiar Seattle rain showers.   With our Cheez-its and Runa in hand, we arrived at the fields excited to see our competition.  Element started the weekend on Saturday 2-2 with some challenging games against Oregon and Stanford.  Although our team groove felt off after the first day of the tournament, we spent Saturday evening reflecting on the day and the season thus far.  We learned a lot about what our team needs to succeed moving forward.  Sunday was our opportunity to get our familiar Element flow back and welcome the challenges ahead of us.  We focused on having higher energy, supportive sideline talk, and reliable reset dumps.  We finished Sunday 2-1.  We were able to show what we learned that weekend in our final game against UC-Davis.  Although the weekend tested us in ways we hadn’t been tested before, it showed us the areas in which we need to improve.  Back home in Seattle, we are ready to put in the work necessary to get us where we want to be.


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