Presidents’ Day Invite, 2014

We traveled down to San Diego, California to play against some of the top College teams in the nation! We ended up 3rd overall!

11-7 Arizona State

13-9 Whitman

12-8 UC San Diego

13-6 UC Santa Cruz

15-6 Michigan

12-11 Victoria

13-9 Whitman

12-6 UCLA

4-15 Oregon

15-8 Victoria

Recap by Noelle Takahashi:

This past weekend was filled with lots of fun and sun. We started out the weekend with one of our main values, DFAB, making sure everyone on the team made it to the tournament! Element dominated the fields undefeated 4-0 on Saturday and 2-0 on Sunday. Monday was a little rough with a semifinal loss to Oregon, but we learned a lot and it only made us want to work harder. We got our heads back in the game when we faced UVic for the second time that weekend and showed them that we were giving them a chance the day before. The weekend was spent working on our zone offense and defense, improving our sideline talk, and bringing the intensity to the fields. We proved that we know how to win the next five minutes and make other teams play our game. One of the best discoveries of the weekend was Element’s love for snacks such as Cheez-its (on and off the chest) and Hot Cheetos and Takis. With the Olympics on our minds we created the Olympic Airport Games on our way back to Seattle. We left San Diego with the determination we need to prepare for the Stanford Invite.


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