Cascadia Conference Championships, 2014

We really started to hit our stride during the Cascadia Conference Championships down in Eugene, Oregon. We ended up first in our Conference!

13-0 Washington B

11-10 Victoria

13-2 British Columbia

13-6 Victoria

15-9 British Columbia

Recap by Katie Meyer:

After a road trip down to Eugene on Friday, Element prepared for its first day of the college series. The morning began with a spirited game with our fellow purple and gold, Big Bang. Seeing such tenacity from our B team, especially while playing with only 9, pumped us up as we went into our second game against UVic. Thought there were complications with the time, both teams kept a competitive focus that carried over into our final game of the day with UBC. The stifling, assertive defensive line brought home our final win of the day. The following day was almost déjà vu, first with UVic in semifinals then with UBC in the finals. The sun was shining bright as so was Element as we played our  game. In a summary from coach, Kyle Weisbrod, (from before the tournament began), “We won some games; we lost some games; oh wait, we didn’t lose to anybody.” Those words rang true as we won over UBC and became the 2014 Cascadia Conference champions.



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