Vickie Su, #17


Vickie Su, commonly known as Lil Vick is a blast on and off the field and another memorable personality that makes this squad so amazing! Before settling down in Vancouver (Washington thank goodness) Vickie spent time living in Wisconsin, New Jersey and Seaside Oregon. Her sport of choice before discovering her Ultimate calling was Tennis. Although she would have liked to play basketball,her parents worried about her aptitude for “hitting the ground” and discouraged it. Vickie’s extended family all live in Taipei, Taiwan and she travels there once every couple years to visit. Her favorite part of Taiwan is quite clearly the food, namely stinky tofu…smells terrible but tastes great according to Lil Vick! Vickie explored the country as a kid and has done the same with academic disciplines in college, testing Physics, Computer science, Economics and Chemistry before deciding on Biology and Math majors. To blow off steam from such demanding schoolwork, Vick reminisces about her favorite animal, undoubtedly a penguin. Along these same lines, Vick loves animated movies such as Frozen and Tangled and when she craves a pull on the old heartstrings, she flips on an episode of The Biggest Loser. Vickie can fall frequent and hard and not shed a tear, but absolutely cannot hold it together when it comes to the Biggest Loser. Vickie started playing Frisbee her freshman year after being persuaded by a friend. She hasn’t been able to quit since. Vickie loves the welcoming vibes she has encountered from the ultimate community and feels that the friends and role models she has obtained from her experiences on both Big Bang and Element are absolutely one of a kind. Vickie loves ultimate and ultimate loves her!!


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