Shira Stern, #10


Where do I even start with this girl? Shira Stern is a crazy athlete, committed teammate, quick decision maker, and a force to be reckoned with on the field.  A senior at the University of Washington this year, Shira is a Seattleite born-and-bred.  She attended Nathan Hale high school in north Seattle along with several other Element players and helped their ultimate program flourish.  Shira is an Economics major minoring in Environmental Science.  When she is not out on the ultimate field Shira can be found biking, reading, or hanging out at Greenlake.  Shira was coerced into playing ultimate at Salmon Bay Middle School and has been hooked ever since (we thank whoever coerced her every day). This year, Shira is one of Element’s captains and she consistently brings her positive attitude and vast experience to practice. This past summer Shira was one of the women selected to represent the United States of America at U23 worlds.  Her handler skills and quickness downfield helped that team earn the gold!  Her U23 coach, Mike Whitaker (Whit) was a mentor for her throughout her time with Team USA.  Whit helped Shira to realize the importance of friendships and connections with teammates that extend off the field.  Shira is truly a well-rounded player.  She is more than reliable in the handler set, frequently making game changing plays, and is scary as a downfield player. Off the field, Shira is a dedicated teammate and friend.  She is committed to our sport and always searching for ways to improve.  Shira is an inspiration.


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