Noelle Takahashi, #99


Noelle Chizuko “Cheez-it-girl” Takahashi is a fourth year student at the University of Washington. She is from the island Maui, where she grew up on the beach, as a part time hula dancer. She is studying Electrical Engineering to fulfill her life long dream of getting rich and growing old. Noelle stumbled upon Ultimate when she stumbled onto the IMA field and got hit by a Frisbee. In anger, she threw it as far as she could. That was when she discovered her hidden talent. When Noelle is not playing Frisbee, she enjoys crushing little kids at Lazer tag with her mom.  Little known fact, Noelle has a fake front tooth from an incident involving Lazer tag and bubble tea; another thing she loves. Boys, the key to this girl’s heart is Phad Thai. The anti-key, on the other hand is McDonalds. Not even the fries.



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