Nicole Cramer, #14


Nicole ‘Hot Cheetos’ Cramer is one half of the infamous duo Hot Cheetos and Takis. Hailing from Auburn, WA she is a sophomore biology major who also is considering a nutrition minor and is potentially pre-PT. Her pre-PT skills often come in handy when teammates need elbows and thumbs taped up before practice. Nicole started playing Frisbee this year when her roommate and second-year Element player Nora Landri convinced her to give it a try. Boy are we thankful, as Nicole’s speed and athleticism from cross country, track, and basketball helped her pick up the game quickly and dominate over opponents. Her height and speed make her a scary opponent both on the mark and in the air. Nicole’s skills extend beyond the athletic realm. She is well versed in all things football and brings that BEAST MODE mentality to everything she does, including trap shooting.  Where Lynch has Skittles, Nicole has peanut butter and banana bagels, Gatorade, goldfish, and Cheez-its. She also recently celebrated her birthday on Pi Day and enjoyed many delicious pies!


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