Molly Boyd, #25


Molly Boyd has the speed of a cheetah and the mental capacity of a cheetah. She runs like one and she thinks like one, so she must be one. A terrifying opponent in both her catching and throwing skills!  She played 4 years of UW D1 NCAA soccer but she finally found her true calling and love with Element! Boyd occasionally wears bathing suit bottoms in place of underwear and watches people while she eats.  She only likes people who like her and would like to travel to Australia and then around the world in 80 days, what a sense of adventure! A fan of Greys Anatomy, who likes to pretend she knows things about medicine from all of the “training” and will diagnose peoples illnesses for free.  She has a great smile, pristine feet, and a heart of gold! Call 425-555-9945 for a long walk on the beach.


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