Kate Wilburn, #16


You would never guess that Kate Wilburn, Element’s sole freshmen, is the youngest on the squad. Though she began her ultimate career a mere  ten weeks ago, Kate has already established herself as an impact player, capable of running offensive sets and punishing opposition with her speed and grit. She is quickly developing field awareness and veteran disc-discipline, while upping her throwing repertoire with each practice. While her background in soccer (twelve years!) gives her an edge athletically, it is her contagious desire to learn and good natured, competitive attitude that make her a top-notch pick-up for Element’s 2013/2014 squad. Outside of ultimate, Kate enjoys singing, particularly musical theater (one of her childhood and current hobbies). She can also be found biking, practicing yoga, and running sprint intervals when she isn’t crushing on the frisbee pitch.  To keep fueled up, Kate feasts on sushi, her favorite food. A classic athlete, she prepares for big games with lots of stretching and hydration. Kate is currently choosing between a degree in either nursing or public health. We can’t wait to see where lil’ Kate goes on and off the field while at UW!! Keep your eyes on this young’un, she is going big places.


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