Georgia Seyfried, #36


Meet Georgia Seyfried! Hailing from Boise Idaho, this Element’s dedication and fun-loving sense of humor have made her a great addition to the team. A basketball player in high school, she came to UW wanting to try something new in college so she joined ultimate with some of her floor mates. You’d never know that she has only been playing for three years. Her poise with the disc and forehand hucks set her apart on offense while her height and long arms make her an intimidating matchup on defense. Off the field Georgia certainly knows how to lead a full life. Majoring in Biology with a focus in conservation, evolution and ecology keeps her busy but she also finds time to work in a research lab and volunteer with Science STARS in Seattle elementary schools where she can nurture her interest in teaching. She also had the opportunity to spend this past summer at Mt Hood working as a forest service intern where had ample time for reading, playing guitar, running, and weekend trips to Portland. She even got to dress up as Smokey the Bear a couple of times! On the field as well as off the field, Georgia is dedicated and passionate about what she does.



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