Barbara Hoover, #8


Oh Barb, where to begin. Barbara is a true Seattleite and is one of the many Nathan Hale High school Alums. This winter Barb left us to travel to Ecuador to do some casual boating, learn about turtles, learn to scuba dive and put us all to shame with her tan. While there, she fell in love with turtles and now likes them more than she likes people. Although, she came back as if she never left, and since then has been on something we like to call ‘the Barb workout plan’.  If you come to a game, you can either find Barb hanging out at deep deep, or casually catching a huck from one of our fantastic O line handlers after she has easily blown past her defender. She also knows how to EAT, as the rest of the elements, but she avoids gluten because if she has it, she will swell up like a balloon and float away! So, the easiest way to her heart is make her a gluten free brunch of eggs and potatoes!


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