Alysia Letourneau, #4


A native of Everett, WA, Alysia is a captain of Element this season and has been playing on the team since her freshman year. She is now in her 5th year—“taking her victory lap,” as she likes to call it—studying bioengineering. She started playing Ultimate her sophomore year of high school because the mixed team needed more girls and has been tearing it up on the Ultimate field ever since. Besides her excellent skills in Ultimate, some of her other talents include touching her tongue to her nose, laughing at her own jokes, and looking bad ass in pig-tails. She also isn’t half bad at basketball, tennis, and soccer if this Ultimate thing doesn’t pan out. Just don’t ask her to imitate any accents because she will fail miserably. When she’s not in class or on the field, Alysia tutors other undergraduates in physics, catches up on TV shows like Orange is the New Black, and spends time searching for clothes on her bedroom floor (because closets are overrated anyway). Somehow, even though she’s the middle of three siblings, she has only played one game of monopoly in her entire life—a situation that may soon be remedied if the long-rumored team board game night comes to pass.


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